Einhell TC-RO 1155 E milling machine (Fresadora)

Using a milling machine (fresadora) that fits your work and allows you to work on projects so you can deliver your work efficiently is very important. Even carrying out diy task at home, without a milling machine that suites your work you might end up, working on a project that you would be unable to use. This is why making the right choice for your milling machine should be make carefully to bring out the best in your project. The right size of cuts and precisions are highly dependent on the kind of milling machine that you finally purchase.

The Einhell TC-RO 1155 E milling machine (Fresadora) is a machine that is very functional and features capabilities that are strong and reliable. You can make your cuts easily with this power worth. This is quite convenient for any hard work and can be used to work on rigorous projects that might be difficult. It can also be used with its convenient accessories to make your work quite easier than usual. Accessories such as the guides and nozzles for vacuum can be attached to the machine, to even make it simpler to use and less messy for your work anywhere.

This tool can be used for any of your milling activity, it has a power worth of 110 W and a vacuum speed of 11000 to 30000, the main voltage is 230-240 volts, its length is 1.30 mm, and has a length of 287 mm and a width of 144mm, and finally a gross weight of 4.15kg and a product weight of 3 kg. This tool goes ahead to better work than some of the milling machine (Fresadora) that are available today, it is also very affordable and as such can be easily gotten for your project and expect maximal results.

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