How can you remove the content locker from the mobile?

It depends upon that for how long you are using the content locker app on your mobile phone. But whenever you use and for how long you use it, it will give you all greater benefits. You must have to necessarily understand the importance of using the content locking app system in the mobile. There might be many reasons for the people to stop using it and remove it from the mobile phone. You can also remove if you are not willing to use if for any more. If you have full safety and no one is there to look in the mobile phone. Here in this article, you will learn the steps on how to remove the content locking app from the mobile phone.

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Here are the steps on how to remove the locker from the mobile phone-
Just turn off it and remove it from the mobile-
The first way to remove the file locker from the mobile phone is to turn it off. You must have to go to the setting and in that choose the options apps. In this option, you will see all the apps of the mobile. Click on the option of the file locking app. You will see a button. If you switch off it, no notifications will get from the app. Thus you can uninstall it.

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Just uninstall it-
Another easiest step to remove the app is to directly uninstall it. You need to tap on the app for few seconds. You will see the option two options one is app info and another one of uninstall. You have to click on the option uninstall. You will be asked do you want to uninstall it. Click on the option ok. The automatically with a few seconds your content locker app will be uninstalled and removed from the mobile phone permanently.

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