How Dating makes life colorful in your life?

Humans are social beings and have always required mates to find balance in their own lives while providing equilibrium to the universe. This instinct is easier in animals because of obvious reasons, but humans need to be more thorough as mating for them is much more than reproduction. They need a partner to share their entire life with. Seems like a lot of pressure! One tried and tested method of finding an apt mate is via dating

The concept of dating in early times and today
The concept of dating was pretty obsolete in the ancient times as marital unity had always been more of a financial transaction than not. Men chose their mates in exchange for some tangible wealth or land.
• Dating was not very common; society ladies would attend parties in their finest silk and pearls to ‘catch’ a husband. If some woman caught some gentleman’s fancy, he would woo her for some time before proposing for marriage.
• Couples were not supposed to date, nor do anything for that matter, before marriage. But people in love do crazy things, don’t they? Like Romeo and Juliet for instance (dating in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure).
• The Society also punished those who dated.

But a lot has changed regarding dating in today’s world.
• Try knowing as much as possible about the person you are planning on going out with.
• Know the kind of movies or TV shows they like
• Learn the things they enjoy doing which will provide a wider scope of bonding,
• Try and also do things both of you hate, this helps you gauge your partner’s level of tolerance, sympathy or patience.
Dating can be fun
• Go on adventures together: hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, honey collecting, haunted house tours, etc.
• Try various exotic cuisines, things you have never even heard of before, just for the fun of it.
• Watch movies together if possible (preferably the old classics; young Al Pacino or Gregory Peck will get you into mood); this will give you the Carrie-Mr. Big vibe.
• Take exotic vacations if you can afford it (visiting Oscar Wilde’s grave together can be surprisingly titillating).
There will always be too many reasons to take the dating part of a relationship less seriously, but if you have even one reason to the contrary, go for it. Dating can turn out to be the best experience ever, one that you will cherish even after years of being married.

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