Get a stylized makeup with Mirrorvana’s adjustable mirror

If you really want to achieve the most enlightened face, the most unmistakable look with the most fabulous make-up, make sure you have the new Mirrorvana cosmetic mirror, the 360 degrees Vision adjustable mirror with double-sided magnification designed to facilitate your daily beauty routine, Sitting comfortably in front of the toilet in your bathroom or room.

It can also be used to move easily from one place to another, to travel or take to the office, since its security system allows it to be placed in the space you want and then fix it with the adjustment knob that is on your side superior, leaving it in the perfect position so that it can be observed comfortably.
Like other table top mirror for cosmetic use, the 360 degrees Vision mirror has a 7x magnification on two sides that allows you to do the most complex makeup or cleansing activities on your face without losing the smallest detail.
This fabulous mirror has a technology that allows vertical oscillations, a function that you will not find in any other cosmetic mirror of the market. In addition, it can rotate horizontally and easily without the risk of falling.
This table top mirror is ideal to take care of all the details of your skin, your face and to make the perfect makeup. No longer do you have to make more messy makeup lines or stop looking at those unpleasant facial hairs, with the newest and most practical technology of the Mirrorvana 360 degree vision mirror, you can already be seated in front of the dressing table, the office furniture or Bathroom furniture and easily prepare your face without you missing any detail. Make your makeup a simple task with the result of style and take with you anywhere this wonderful mirror. Its structure of resistant but light materials allows you to move it comfortably inside your bag at all times. Buy now your Mirrorvana 360 ° Vision Mirror.