Why is the rapid growth of vehicle the burning question at present?

Utility of vehicle
In the modern and advanced era, the need for avehicleis unlimited. The vehicle is actually mobile equipment that transports the people as well as carries the goods from one place to other. There are different types of vehicles such as bicycles, wagons, motorcycle, motor cars, trucks, buses, trains, trams, ships, boats, aeroplane, spacecraft, helicopter etc.

These transports are categorized into three different sectors
• The road transport
• The Air transport
• The sea transport
Bad effect of huge growth of transports
However, the vast use of road transport is affecting and polluting the air massively which is now a burning question. The emission of Carbon Dioxide and other so many gases from the cars particularly the overused cars is the main sources of air pollution. The example of the bad effect caused by huge road transports is global warming which is known to all at present. The world is worming more and more than its natural temperature and the ice on the mountain is melting accordingly which is a burning example of the effect of global warming.
It is necessary to stop the growth of transport on the road
If it is still continued, then that may be the cause of demolition of the world. However, the UNO has taken steps to overcome this problem and save the world by so many fruitful steps including controlling the growth of transports on the road. They implemented the car labelling system which will identify the incapable cars which emits much CO2 gas.

When you buy a new car, you should check the car label on the car?
While you will buy the new vehicle Graphics (Fahrzeugbeschriftung) you have to see whether this car label is attached to your car or not. The car labelling is corporate identify the number. You should transport these outside easily and traceable transport labels.
This car label will also contain the individual or company’s name, logo as well as necessary contact information to draw the attention of people to yourself along with your business. So, this vehiclelabelling is very much needed to serve different purposes.