Boat Storage made simple!

Phoenix Boat Storage offers various storage options for different types and sizes of boats. While shopping for boat storage, ensure that you include the extra length and width required by the trailer. Thus, the boat and trailer should completely fit into the selected parking space, without any outward projection. Just simply dock your boat conveniently with Phoenix boat storage and get the following benefits.

1) Protection from the extreme climatic conditions: Weather changes and exposure to extreme temperature cause wear and tear on your boat. By choosing Phoenix boat storage, you keep your boat away from weather extremities.
2) Security: We know that your boat is an investment and thus we offer premium security for your boat to keep it safe so that you can enjoy it for years. The boat storage unit is always under surveillance round the clock, giving you a mental peace that your boat is in safe hands.
3) More garage space: Boat storage helps in freeing up the garage space or a driveway at home.
4) Convenience: By using Phoenix boat storage units, you have easy access to your boat. Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about towing your boat back home.
5) Low deterioration and maintenance: Boat storage keeps your boat protected from severe weather conditions. Regular cleaning, antifouling and detailing are not required. Damage caused by dust, mould, UV rays is also avoided.

Tips for properly storing a boat
1) The engine is the most expensive part of your boat and it’s always a best idea to change the oil and the filter. Also, drain the engines cooling system and refill it with the water solution and antifreeze as suggested by the manufacturer.
2) To prevent dirty oil from sitting in the engine, it’s a good idea to change the oil and the filter.
3) Drain all the gas from the tank using a drain screw located at the bottom of the bowl in case your boat has a carburetor.
4) The battery should be disconnected and all the parts should be sprayed with anti corrosion liquid.

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