Super Mario 64- Reason for being an all time favorite game

We all had played this Super Mario 64 in our childhood days, even now all many of us prefer to play this game at online. The internet makes it more easily available for us and with so many new changes it being there on top in the list of famous video games. After playing it for many did you ever noticed why people are still playing this Mario game, what makes it different from other games. Definitely not because you always stay focused on your game, so here we are going to let you why people still crazy about this game.

When this game was introduced in the market it was in the form of the video game but now it is also available there at online. Here you will get so many sites that offer you this game for free. As the mode of playing changes the way of playing also get changed and with that lots more features becomes the reasons behind the popularity of this game.
Why is it best game we ever had been played?
Amazing but simple characters
In this game you will find so many characters, every character has its role in the game. Mario who is the hero this game fights with enemies in the game. Everything in this game is simple but still, its story and game play attract the players.

Exciting and challenging levels
Moreover, in this game so many levels are there. Each and every level has some uniqueness that excites player to play further levels too. There you get power stars in the game that level ups the game which you want.
Besides this, now players can play this Super Mario 64 game whenever they want. They don’t need to do a proper settlement for playing this game as they do before. Today a player online needs the internet connection and a device like a laptop or a Smartphone for playing this game.