Install secondary double glazing windows at home and begin to enjoy a warm and noise-free environment

If you have to use heating to the fullest in all areas of your home and office, then you urgently need to change your windows and install windows with secondary double glazing, which will provide a pleasant temperature, without much effort.

The manufacturing system, carried out by Interior Glaze, is very effective to minimize the effects of low temperatures, also eliminating condensation. Thanks to its panels made with an aluminum extrusion and a plastic sheet lined with 6.4 mm glass, which give it the resistance and the guarantee of withstanding blows, which will not break it.

We are so sure of the quality of our windows that we dare to give a guarantee to the client for 10 years, which shows the confidence that can have in our products. In addition, cleaning is extremely simple and maintenance is minimal since the materials are suitable for climatic conditions. They can slide and disassemble without complications, which provide the ease of cleaning them as often as you want.

In the site, you will see the models of arched window frames, simple, guillotine and the variety of swing, sliding, gazebo or panoramic type; among which you can choose the one you like best and with the measures that fit the space of your room.

The secondary glazing London is an excellent option to reduce annoying noises at home or in the workplace. We guarantee that with the installation of this system you will be able to reduce the noise levels to 45 dB that is 80%, which represents a relief for the people who live in very hectic areas of the city.

Without a doubt, secondary glazing is the best decision to solve these annoying problems. The windows installed by Interior Glaze will give beauty to the facade of your house and comply with the standards for buildings that have been declared historical heritage.