What is human hair weave?

The Human hair weave is preferred by number of people as easily you can style the hair to the desired style. You can also easily perm it in making the wavy or the curly hair. You can create the carefree or the bouncy look too. The weave looks realistic than using the synthetic hair weaves and the same can be used in styling the hair. For the human hair weave to retain the great look for the very longer period of time, you must necessarily have to take the full care of it.

You must have to wash the hair weave at least once in a week. Since the hair weave is not yet attached with the scalp, it is not fully protected or is moisturized by the natural oil of the body. If the scalp is very much oily, you must have to use the shampoo. If you are having the natural scalp you must have to use the mild shampoo and work the way slowly from scalp to tip. You must have to be cautious that you do not rub the hair or pile on the head top while washing. This is to be kept in mind when having the human hair weave.

After you washed the hair weave, you must have to moisturize by using the good moisturizing conditioner. Since the weave is made by natural hair, it will be responding to have the deep conditioning and thus you have to repair cuticle and restore the shine and smoothness of your hair. Now to make the straighten of the weave you have to comb the hair. For best results you have to comb the hair from root to its tip using the wide tooth comb. It is better to use hair extension brush. This way you can maintain human hair weave. click here to get more information great lengths hair extensions.