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Knob and Tube Wiring Insurance

tube and knob wiring is an old form of wiring which has been used previously and are available now in homes which were constructed before the 1950’s. It’s called ‘knob of tubing’ due to insulator knobs that are used to maintain wires isolated and insulating material which were used to direct running cables through walls or ceiling elements. Knob and tube wiring typically contains a black and white cable

In the knob and tube wiring insurance perspective knob and tube wiring is considered more hazardous than other kinds of wiring since the wires are rather old and worn out on account of their age. There’s also no ground cable, which is present in contemporary wiring circuits. Furthermore, a touch of the two white and black wires may lead to a fire.

Knob and Tube Wiring: What You Can Do
Often insurance companies will require you upgrading the entire wiring system before supplying coverage. Sometimes knob and tube wiring could be insured following a review by a certified and accredited electrician. Specialty knob and tube wiring insurance companies could also have the ability to insure that sort of home, but it is going to lead to higher premiums.
Different Wiring Types and Home Insurance
Typically, home insurance identifies three Distinct Kinds of wiring with various levels of danger:
The Most Dangerous: tube and knob wiring (Employed in homes constructed before 1950’s; many hazardous wiring without a ground cable, old and worn outside cables)
Connected:Aluminum wiring(Employed in homes builtin that the 1960’s and 1970’s; could overheat if not linked correctly; might require electrical review)
Safe:Copper wiring(Conventional wiring; broadly used now)
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