World’s top five richest celebrities and their net worth

Who’s the richest celebrity? This question often pops up in average people’s mind. Why wouldn’t be? After all, celebrities’ plays a role is shaping our career. They are the ones who inspire people to take up a lucrative career for the future. Earning is definitely high for celebrities. In fact, you can even become a billionaire. To help you out, this article will discuss top five celebrities and their celebrity net worth.

Top five richest celebrities 2017
• Merv Griffin
• Jerry Seinfeld
• Shah Rukh Khan
• Tyler Perry
• Tom Cruise
Merv Griffin
Merv Griffin the legendary actor, though is dead at present, had more than USD 1 billion. No actors so far could manage to gain a net worth of as high as that amount.
Jerry Seinfeld
The American-born actor, comedian, and authorhas an estimated net worth of USD 800 million. He didn’t only star in movies. In fact, he is more popular for his late night TV shows. As reports say, his shows are going strong even now.
Shah Rukh Khan
The BBC recognized most popular actor worldwide, hailing from India is believed to have a celebrity net worth of USD 600 million. He is not only an actor but a producer and businessman. He is popularly known as Badshah of Indian film industry.

Tyler Perry
He is an American actor, producer, director and play writer who has a net worth of USD 600 million. Forbes mentioned him in their list of highest paid entertainer in 2016.
Tom Cruise
The popular Hollywood actor, mostly known for his movies such as mission impossible series, Night and day, vanilla sky, Oblivion, etc. has a net worth of USD 500 million. He is one of the highest paid Hollywood actors whose films make millions at the box office.
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Follow the celebrities for becoming rich

The celebrities are the perfect example of how you should lead your life and how you should not lead your life. There are celebrities of different kinds and each one of them has a lesson for the people who want to lead a fulfilling life. The celebrities are always seen to be leading a life that is beyond the reach of a common man. But, if they are spending so much on their life style then how are they able to have that kind of celebrity net worth.

Are they really that rich?
Most of the people who are showing off their wealth as celebrities may not be as wealthy as they seem to be. They may move in the most expensive cars and live in the poshest suburb but that is possibly because they have taken loan from the banks for buying those things. So the stuff that they are using to showcase a luxurious lifestyle actually does not belong to them. It is owned by the lenders and can be taken back any time if the celebrities are not able to pay back the loaned amount.
The ideally rich celebrities
But, not all celebrities are laden with loan. Many celebrities have made the right decisions in their lives and have accumulated wealth that can give you inspiration to become wealthy by adopting those means. The first thing that you need to increase your net worth like that of the celebrities is to stop spending on wasteful ventures. You must only spend on stuff that is important and takes you closer to your aim of becoming wealthy. Those who follow this rule are sure to become rich without fail.

According to the second important thing that will accelerate your dream of becoming rich is investing your money that is lying idle in your bank account or your locker. This will help you multiply your money and make you richer in lesser time.

Celebrity net worth: determines the wealth of the celebrities!!

celebrity net worth is a website which helps in determining the value of total assets and the financial activities performed by them. The website performs the function of listing the name of the celebrities, their biography and their total earning on the web pages. The net worth is calculated by the help of proprietary algorithm in which the data is available given by the public. Researchers also make use of the financial analysis to carry out the result.

Net worth is mainly the amount in which assets exceeds the liability and is termed as positive net worth while in the case when liabilities exceeds the assets it is said as negative net worth. It can also be described in another manner that is an amount which is owned by the person minus all his debts.
Net worth is not only calculated for the celebrities but also of another people like businessman and politicians and even for a common man. This celebrity net worth helps us in knowing the amount which an individual star owes. According to this estimated wealth, they are listed on the page.

Here is a list of some celebrities with their total worth
• Jami Gertz: she is American actresses and also a philanthropist and has the total net worth of $2 billion. The major amount of net worth she has received from his spouse who is an LA-based billionaire.
• Tom Cruise: he is a Hollywood actor who owns the total net worth of about 550 million. Till date, he has given an enormous amount of blockbuster movies and entertained us. His films have broken the records of the box office and crossed millions.
• Bill Cosby: he is an American comedian and holds a net worth of 400 million. He is a very popular star, and his talent gave him a huge fan following.
So by reading the celebrity net worth, we will be able to get informed about the total earnings of any celebrity we want.

How Much Foot Ball Players Make?

The world cup season has been on the role and almost all the viewers always stay tuned to enjoy the soccer season. The 30 days season will eventually help the players to earn huge million dollars. Do you have any idea on how much will these players be making throughout this season? How much do the referees make in this world cup season? How much do the players get exactly in this season? Remember, referees should be minimum of 25 years of age and they retire in the age of 45. They should be potential enough in their technical skills and they should have intense experience in the tests series.

The FIFO referee salary will range anywhere from $35,000 to $40,000 in the world cup season. It is expected that 10 refs could make around $50,000 and it always depends upon the seniority and their experience. Among the referees, 10 of them will be the senior people with enough years of experience in this field. The celebrity net worth of the referees will depend upon the experience and their knowledge. Just to mention, this world cup season will make 2 billion dollars which would be a lifetime opportunity to make huge and massive income. Though the referees don’t have the winning glory, they could make their rest of the life very meaningful and safe.

The world cup qualifying team will earn 1.5 million dollars as an advance payment for fulfilling their basic expenses. The football celebrity net worth are assured to take away $8 million dollars as the prize money when returning back to their home ground. The American players will earn around 76,000 USD while the Australian team will make around $150,000 when getting back to home. The salary of the Cameroonian player will not be satisfied in the beginning as it ranges around $40,000. They further struggled to get a bonus of $12,000 during the game event.