The best repair shop software management

When the volume of work is very large in a repair shop it is necessary to have available a software that is totally focused on the management of the relationship between the company and its customers, a program that will be very useful for that repair shop crm that has a considerable number of customers and that has difficulty managing all the necessary information for each of them.

Through a CRM you compile in single repair shop software, all the information referring to what the client has acquired and the services he has hired, including the technical service through a pos and invoicing system. In addition, through this platform, you will identify the clients who have rejected you and why they have done so. This will allow you to define market strategies to attract potential customers and even change the perception of unsatisfied customers.
On the website, you will find the complete computer phone repair shop software available. Additionally, you can buy the best POS system and the best phone repair shop software.
We also offer a robust inventory management through a powerful system; marketing service that will allow you to have direct contact with your customers; a complete module of reports through an integrated system that will allow you to observe in one place ticketing, invoicing, CRM and inventory; a robust widget tracker repair system where your customers can monitor in real time the status of their repairs directly from their website and at the same time they can download a copy of the invoices.
Our goal is to have excellence in dealing with our customers, serving them as if they were unique. Our goal is to detect your needs even before they are aware of them. But at the same time get all the necessary information so that you can get the best software that suits your needs.

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