Why curp card is essential for the people in Mexico? 

The curp is known as the population registry unique code which is made to identify both the residents and the citizens of Mexico. Each Curp code has unique codes and symbol with it, intended to prevent the fraud and duplicate entries in the country. You need curp for your social security card, citizenship, driver license, buying a home or vehicle or for doing tax and legal business in Mexico.

How is curp y rfc presented?
The elements as curp code and rfc code are presented by numbers and letters, these numbers and letters are generated by government authorities as a part of data that each person holds on their personal documents.
Use of curp y rfc:
The www.curpyrfc.me provides curp number to the entire person living in Mexico and around abroad. In today’s time Curp y rfc is essential to fill tax files, membership in government health services, schools, records of business, passport applicants and other official services. The CURP and RFC number is used in civil records like death and birth certificates. Although, it is also used to intend registrations of series like RFC, IMSS, IFE) If you don’t have a curp and Rfc card you can get an official print or copy from this website www.curpyrfc.me.

Description of curp cards:
The curp card is 6.6 cm long and 5.4 cm wide, it comes well laminated and fits well to your wallet. The front of curp card gives the curp 18 unique character strings, with given surnames and name, with the date of registration. The back of the curp card contains information regarding the reference of document used to assign you Curp code. It also includes a barcode at the back of the card.
You can make your valid copies of Curp from the www.curpyrfc.me website; the document will be printed on a plain paper. This site will assign you curp code which is assigned and appropriated by the government office.

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