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7 Reasons why you should learn music theory

Compose Songs and music and write it down – Create a new tune. Not just the lyrics but also the music as well. With your new music theory skills, you will be able to write it out… so you won’t ever forget it.

Always know what key you’re in – Create an interesting chord progression. You’ll know exactly what key you’re in… so other musicians can jam along with you!

Learn a piece of alternative music and play it exactly the way it should sound – Take any piece of sheet music and play it without even having to hear it first. Just think… all of that sheet music at the public library is now at your fingertips.

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Work creatively with other musicians – Learn to communicate with other musicians in the language of music. A little theory knowledge goes a long way… especially when it comes to notes, scales and modes. No matter what style, you’ll easily work with band members to create new songs, jam sessions and amazing improvisations and solos… all because you’re fluent in the language of music theory.

Teach others to play – I’ve found that teaching someone a concept of alternative music or music theory will enhance and solidify your knowledge even further and maybe even get paid for it. Now you’ll be able answer those difficult theory questions with confidence

Solo with confidence – Having a good understanding of chords and scale relationships will make your improvisations work seamlessly. You’ll be fluent in key-signatures, notes, scales, tempos and modes, so no more guessing when you’re improvising over chord changes.

Transpose alternative music to suit your instrument range or singing voice – Are you working with a sax player or horn section? Love to sing? You’ll be able to work with any instruments and vocals by choosing a key that is more comfortable for your voice and also be able to transpose parts for horns. No more singing in an uncomfortable range to reach those high notes. Choose a key that’s comfortable for you.