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Top CMS Platforms Which Professionals Use for Building Websites

Numerous CMS (content management system) platform are available these days. These platforms make it easy for people to design a website without going through any of the hassles which people faced before. The most used CMS in the world right now are WordPress, TYPO3, Drupal, Joomla, and Contao.

Take a look at these in detail!


This open source content management system is most used in world right now. It has more than 17 million installations. Though it was originated for a blog system, several extensions are available for basic installation that aids in the possibility of upgrading software to a functional CMS. It offers:

•    URLs which are search friendly.

•    More than 14,000 designing templates and over 18,000 extensions available.

•    Mobile solutions through management and publishing tools

The users in this community enjoy ample choice of themes, widgets, and plug-ins. Its basic installation process makes it an excellent option for simple and small structured sites, particularly for bloggers. Also, it has an instinctive web interface. Though online projects complexity increases, user-friendliness of software substantially decreases.


It is another popular open source content management system. An experienced team of developers keeps this technically up-to-date. It is an ideal option for e-commerce platforms as well as vast corporate portals. Simple facts include:

•    Wide function range

•    Enterprise CMS

•    Other system’s simple integration which includes ERP or CRM solutions

•    Integrates extensive rights management

It also offers a massive community which offers easy and quick assistance to beginners who faces technical problems. Moreover, there are professionals who specialize in providing assistance to multiple business users.


This CMS provide broad opportunities to customize a modular layout. Users who are aware of their requirements can opt to ignore software components’ manual compilation. For several situations, Drupal framework’s pre-configured distributions are available.

It was developed as pupil community solution; however, now it is available as a completely open source content management system. It comes with the basic installation which one can extend using modules. Its primary module has web 2.0 as well as community functions such as forums, tag clouds, and blogs.


With installations over 2.5 million worldwide, it is the second largest agent in CMS market after WordPress. Both advanced users and beginners can use this. Unlike WordPress, this platform includes functionalities without installing any extension. The remarkable documentation of online handbooks and active users from the community is a boon to non-IT professionals.

Mambo’s open-source content management system development is Joomla. This software design is object-oriented and is based on MVC’s stand-alone framework.


Previously famous as TypoLight, Contao is a user-friendly and clear CMS. It features multilingual backend, intuitive and adequately built administrative layer. This software project pays detailed attention to web standards, compatibility and barrier-free content in HTML5 or XHTML Strict. It offers 1900 extensions, online demo, live update service, and much more to its users.

These are the top CMS platforms which people use all over the world. However, WordPress win by miles among these and Joomla comes in the second spot. Make sure you choose the CMS which fulfills your entire requirement.

Top 5 WordPress Gallery Plugins to Increase Your Website Traffic!

Stuck at creating an appealing photo gallery for your website and searching for a perfect WordPress plugin to suit your unique need?

Then probably you are at the right place!

Finding the best way to present the pictures online can be an overwhelming task given that there are numerous choices. Although WordPress has a built-in gallery feature but choosing a photo gallery plugin is an ideal solution. But with so many gallery plugins available, it is painstaking to dig through everyone and find the right combination of features.

However, four factors should be kept in mind while choosing a Wordpress gallery plugin viz.

•    Features

•    Ease of use

•    Speed

•    Updates

A simple search for the gallery at shows that there are 2987 gallery plugins; each of them displays images in some or other attractive way. Here is a list of few top choices for WordPress gallery plugins available in the market:

1.    Envira Gallery

This is a lightweight, non-bloated, smooth and powerful Wordpress gallery plugin preferred by most of the users worldwide. With so many pre-built templates one can customise the overall look of the gallery.

Some of its features are:

a)    Photo album and gallery can be designed solely by drag and drop builder.

b)    All galleries created with Envira works equally good on PC as well as mobile phone and tablet.

c)    Independent galleries can also be created.

d)    Exclusive collection of add-ons like videos, social media sharing etc.

2.    NextGEN Gallery

With over 1 million active installs, NextGEN is the most popular gallery plugin in which one can add images to the gallery directly from server, computer or media library.

Some of its features are:

a)    Thumbnail editing and creating a slideshow.

b)    Gallery grouping into albums.

c)    Metadata from the photos can be imported.

3.    FooGallery

Often developers prefer FooGallery plugin because it has many filters and customisation feature which helps in designing a website as per clients’ needs. FooGallery is also available in a lite version which can be downloaded from WordPress repository.

Some of its features are:

a)    Arrange images with drag, drop and re-ordering capability.

b)    Choose a gallery template instantly as per your need.

c)    NextGEN Gallery can also be converted into FooGallery with some minor settings.

4.    Modula Gallery

Interestingly, Modula gallery plugin does not require any customisation! WordPress users need to specify image dimensions, and Modula itself designs beautiful, responsive grid galleries accordingly.

Some of its features are:

a)    Hover effects

b)    Shadow, margin and radius control

c)    Options for image title and image caption

d)    Users can turn social sharing on or off upon their choice.

5.    WP Photo Album Plus

The importance of Photo Album Plus lies in the fact that it allows website visitors to rate and comment on images. It has 20 different widgets to add to a website.

Some of its features are:

a)    Allows the website visitors to comment and rate pictures.

b)    Full control over metadata and display size.

c)    Build-in Google Map

With these WordPress gallery plugins, you can create a website that will have a long-lasting impression on its visitors!

Know About These WordPress Plugins Before You Start Designing Your Website!

As of April 2018, more than 30 per cent of the top 10 million websites and overall more than 60 million websites use WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most popular open source website management, content management and blogging system.

Introducing WordPress

WordPress, based on MySQL and PHP, is an open source Content Management System (CMS). It is installed on a web server which is either a part of internet hosting service or a network host. WordPress is free to use, and it offers thousands of free or paid templates and plugins making it highly usable and customizable to suit different website needs.

WordPress is incredibly simple to master because most of the Wordpress users are neither web designers nor programmers. But the sad part of the story is that there are so many applications available that at times it becomes to conclude which one is used for particular content or website!

Know about few favorite Wordpress plugins essential for designing your website

Here is a list of best themes and plugins that one can certainly use to develop their page:

1.    Visual Editor – DragDropr

As the name suggests, with the help of DragDropr one can create, design and edit their web content. Either you use WordPress or any other CMS; DragDropr fits them all. As the changes are stored as HTML code, it helps in improving SEO rank and themes or templates can be changed simultaneously.

2.    Modula Image Gallery

Modula offers true customization to handle everything from photography albums to portfolios. Modula is a multipurpose photo, image and gallery WordPress plugin that provides a better experience to web designer, web maintainers as well as web viewers.

3.    Yoast

Yoast SEO is one of essential WordPress plugins that optimises website content for search engines. A checklist is given by this program to make sure that any content or article can be readily accepted and optimized by search engines. A green indicator means content is up to the mark and orange indicator implies content is moderate while red indicator signifies a below standard content.

4.    Ultimate Social Media

Sharing the content across the social media platforms is of utmost importance to increase traffic on your website. Although there are many options available, Ultimate Social Media gets an edge as it allows the users to share their content on more than 200 platforms with special animations so that they are more noticeable by target audiences.

5.    Wordfence Security

Nowadays WordPress CMS has become so popular that hackers have sound knowledge about how to exploit and crack its security features. Wordfence add-in security support acts as a second step authentication for Wordpress.

6.    Slider Plugin

Often website owners are not able to display all the information on a webpage due to the problem slow loading time because it irritates the visitor increases the bounce rate of website content. Slider plugin like Slideshow Gallery which is easy to install, easy to use and visually appealing comes to a rescue.

Although these are to name a few, with these web plugins in your WordPress toolkit you will be prepared nonetheless for a high quality website!